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Between the many premium services that our large and experienced team is capable to provide you, from Private Investigation Services to Security Guard, Mobile Patrol Services and Personal, Executive and International Protection, we can also provide you professional Fire Watch Guard Services.


What Are Fire Watch Services?

Firewatch is a safety precaution that no company, institute, venue or other business, and no home can go without. Also, no event can go without good firewatch services provided by a trustworthy, responsible fire watch guard. After all, it is a matter of life for the persons involved in those events, and they need to be safe from every point of view: including the firewatch precaution!

During the firewatch rounds, the well-trained, experienced and professional firewatch personnel performs a careful inspection of all problems areas that might put people at risk, and after the proper inspection, tell their recommendations and start fixing the problems.


When Do You Need Fire Watch Services?

Firewatch Services, or Fire Prevention Services, are needed by individual people in their houses and apartments, but mostly by event organizers as well as by institutes, hotel owners, venue owners etc. especially in the following situations:

  • Your sprinklers or fire alarm are down
  • You have a new construction site without fire prevention system installed
  • The Fire Marshall required you to establish a fire watch
  • You are organizing a small or great event and you need to make sure that the fire prevention system works well and will protect from any danger
  • You have recently started your business at your hotel/restaurant/club etc. and you want to be sure that the fire alarm works well and fire won't put any worker's or any costomer's life at risk
  • Your new home doesn't have a fire prevention system and you need a professional's advice on it

The situations above are only some of the numerous cases in which you might need expert fire watch services performed by fire watch guards who know their security fire watch duties well. Feel free to contact us anytime you need us to provide peace of mind to all involved in your event, or when you want to make sure your home is safe from fire.


What Kind Of Professionals Are Part of BISS Fire Watch Service?

We are very selective and have very high requirements when choosing our team and our colleagues. This is why our team is only formed by extremely talented, dedicated and passionate experts who are worth your trust, always ready to help you. Why? Well because they had succeeded facing our proper fire watch training and fulfilled our high, premium fire watch training requirements, and this qualifies them as the right experts to provide you the safest, most careful, trustworthy and responsible fire watch services.

We know well our fire watch duties and responsibilities, we have the experience and ability to action fast and efficient in any situation, and we will always do everything in order to protect you.

Your life and your business are both safe with us and our fire watch company!


Why Do You Need BISS When It Comes to Fire Watch Services?

When you organize an event or own a business or a venue, the first thing you need to know is that you and people around you are safe. This is why you NEED capable, competent, competitive, well-trained, intelligent and skilled experts in your protection and safety.

BISS (Blackout Investigations & Security Services) is that team of professionals with a strong presence in the Metropolitan area, regarded as a leader in the industry for our experience, our highly trained diverse experts, for our great and fast ability of ensuring protection and for our premium services and performances.

This is why it is BISS the fire watch company you should choose for your protection against fire!


What Makes BISS's Fire Watch Services Different and Better Than Others?

With experience since 2006, BISS has become one of the fastest growing SECURITY GUARD and INVESTIGATIVE companies in the Metropolitan area.

Our fire watch security guards are in the top choices of reputable companies regarding firewatch services because we always improve ourselves, we always aspire to quality work, we set up and reach high targets and are interested in clients' satisfaction, as we understand and wish to fulfill the individual needs of our clients. We keep you safe!


Why Should You Trust And Choose Us For Fire Watch Services?

Our competences and high performance is one reason which you should choose us for. And the other thing that strongly recommends us as experts, who stand out in the top position for your choices in security & service protection, is our experience and reputable, both local and international awards and certifications.

We consider no job is too small or too large. We do professional job no matter if it is a large-scale location or a small one, because every life counts for us. Our experts are reliable because they have the proper training and passion to ensure everything is safe, from equipment, fire alarms and fire prevention system to other dangerous risks or threads from the neighborhood in any of your locations: from sport venues, shopping centers, concert halls and office buildings to motels, hotels, hospitals and construction sites.

Do you think something is really messed up in your fire protection system? Don't worry! With experience of over a decade, we come up with efficient, affordable and extra-safe solutions even in the most unique situations!


How Can You Be Provided With Our Excellent Firewatch Services?

In order to get in touch with us, simply contact us on our phone (at 240-419-2134) or fax (240-412-0115). We are always available for you! Yes, our firewatch services are available for you 24/7 and we will arrive to your place as soon as possible after you call us.

Whether you need some more information about our fire watch policy and procedure, or you need to set up some more details, our discreet and professional team is right next to you, ready to help! Don't hesitate to call BISS and get our high-quality firewatch services right now!


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